Great news! I just heard news from my editor that the My Washington D.C. book release date is September 6th!

Actually, my history of painting Washington D.C. goes further back than this latest book project. In the mid-eighties I was very fortunate to be selected to paint Easter at the White House. I’ve included an article below describing this fun event.

I had a wonderful time meeting the kids and being part of the activities. It was a time when security wasn’t so strict, and you could go places where you wouldn’t be allowed now. After I got my clearance, I had the chance of a lifetime wandering around and enjoying the view of the south lawn from the balcony of the White House.

Little did I know, I would someday return to do a book on Washington D.C.. When I did the My New York book, I’d had the experience of living in Manhattan for years. But I’d never lived in Washington D.C., so I really had to dive into my research. This book did take longer to do, but I was very pleased with the result–though you can never fit everything you like to in a book. That’s what sequels are for!

My Washington D.C. was a chance to learn about the history of DC and how George Washington came to choose it as a location for our then young Nation’s capital. I believe it is my best work yet, and cannot wait to share it with all of you!



Kathy Jakobsen, Easter At The White House, 1984